What We Offer

Over the last 100 years plastic has evolved from a little known material to a multi-billion dollar industry in the US. Plastics are used on a massive global scale to create products and containers for foods, work, bathing, travel and virtually every aspect of life. While it’s indisputable that plastics have a negative impact on our environment, it is difficult to overlook the many incredible benefits of plastic including cost efficiency, strength, durability and versatility.

At H3 we believe the answer isn’t to ban or do away with plastic, it’s to make plastic environmentally responsible. In conjunction with recycling and reuse, transitioning to biodegradable plastic products more than makes sense…it’s the right thing to do. We offer companies the ability to use biodegradable plastic products, strengthening their sustainability missions, without hurting the bottom line.

Our Products

While we can produce virtually any consumer or industrial plastic product on the market, our emphasis is with bags and bottles. Those are the two culprits that get the most press and are notoriously tossed into the garbage in staggering amounts. In fact, it’s estimated that 100 billion plastic bottles end up in landfills each year. And, of course, plastic trash bags are made to be shipped off to the dump.

Our bags and bottles perform exactly as conventional plastics do, with the added benefit of biodegradability. Our products are not compromised due to light, heat or moisture and leave no trace of their existence within a very short amount of time in comparison to traditional plastics which can languish in landfills for thousands of years.* We can produce bags and bottles in an array of sizes, colors and designs to accommodate all major industries including hospitality, retail, food service and more. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.

*Time requirement for biodegradation is dependent on a number of environmental factors such as temperature, moisture, Ph level and the quantity and quality of microorganisms – degradation results may vary.

Looking for a specific plastic product? Our manufacturing capabilities are virtually unlimited.