The H3 Team

Jim Hines

Managing Partner

During his 35 year Merger & Acquisition career, Mr. Hines has administered the sale of several hundred companies in all major industries. In 1982 he founded Investment Exchange Corporation (INXCORP), an M&A advisory firm that represents closely held companies for merger or sale. For his lifetime M&A industry and career achievements Mr. Hines was among the first to earn the prestigious Distinguished Fellow designation (FCBI) from the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). In 2013 Jim founded H3 Sustainability in response to the increased demand for environmentally safe alternatives to traditional plastics, and his personal desire to support global sustainability initiatives.

Over his long business career Mr. Hines has participated in the development and ownership of businesses in the manufacturing, telecommunications, service, franchise and internet marketing industries. While Mr. Hines continues to head his M&A firm, he is also Managing Partner of H3 Sustainability.

Mr. Hines has lectured at Universities, Chambers of Commerce and other business and professional groups. He has written numerous articles regarding issues effecting business including Death by Banker for business publications. Having valued hundreds of companies for pending sale to courtroom proceedings, Mr. Hines is recognized as an expert business appraiser.

Dominique Hines

Director of Communications

Dominique joined H3 Sustainability in 2013 to spearhead the planning, development and implementation of all marketing strategies, internal and external communications, public relations initiatives and brand development. In short, she’s getting the word out about how great H3 really is. Dominique holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Communications and has been working in marketing within the hospitality, travel and finance industries for 12 years.

Dominique’s desire to succeed while making a difference led her to H3. She is passionate about filtering through the “eco-clutter” and zeroing in on sustainable solutions to our grave environmental issues. In her words Ms. Hines believes H3 Sustainability lives up to their promise to provide high-quality, landfill biodegradable plastic products with conviction, transparency and integrity.

Throughout her marketing career Dominique Hines has consistently and effectively helped companies grow sales and profitability. She now brings that extensive marketing experience to H3 as its Director of Communications together with her commitment to the environment.

Dominique resides in Chicago, IL where, in addition to her marketing activities, oversees the H3 Chicago office.

Shamus Hines

Partner, Business Advisor

Shamus Hines is a highly-driven businessman with a social conscience. His drive and business skills resulted in his becoming one of the youngest Senior Vice Presidents of a leading financial services company where he manages sales teams in its Global Business Development division. Mr. Hines’ social conscientiousness drew him to H3 because he strongly believes the interests of business and environmental sustainability can economically co-exist, each helping the other thrive.

Shamus is a graduate of University of Michigan with a B.A in Economics, holds the title of CFA and is currently earning an MBA at The University of Chicago – Booth School of Business with concentrations in Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Finance. He is also actively involved in small and middle market investment communities and is an influential member of the Big Shoulders Fund’s Chairman Advisory Council in Chicago IL.

Robert “Bob” Cooper Esq.

Corporate Council

Bob Cooper has practiced business law for 40 years. He graduated from Hope College in 1972 with an Economics major (magna cum laude) and Dickinson (Penn State) School of Law in 1975 (magna cum laude).  Mr. Cooper’s practice is in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he counsels corporate clients and high net worth individuals. Over his career he has helped many clients improve and protect their businesses as well as assist in the start-up phase of new enterprises working through the burdens of governmental regulation and taxation.  After several decades with a large law firm, eventually becoming a managing partner, Mr. Cooper founded his own practice in 1999.

As H3 Sustainability’s Corporate Council, Bob Cooper brings a lifetime of legal and business experience. His unique perspective and abilities will be employed throughout H3’s operations and on its board of directors.

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