H3 Sustainability is committed to the effort to reduce the millions upon millions of tons of plastic waste accumulating in landfills around the globe. By bringing biodegradable technology to the plastic industry, H3 Sustainability is dedicated to providing its customers with eco-friendly, naturally biodegradable plastic bags, bottles and other consumer and industrial plastic products.

Our revolutionary additive, when blended with plastic polymers during the manufacture of plastic products, accelerates the natural biodegradation of plastics in biologically active landfills and anaerobic digesters as validated by independent certified laboratories using ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials.

Plastic products made with our additive biodegrade over 50 times faster than conventional plastics. In fact plastics treated with our additive can biodegrade within a few years depending on the product type and the landfill conditions* vs. 500+ years for traditional plastics.

Plastics made with our additive biodegrade in anaerobic (landfill) environments, breaking down through microbial action into biogases and inert humus; leaving behind no harmful materials. Our plastic products are also fully recyclable and may be mixed into existing recycling streams without resulting in contamination.

*Independent 3rd party testing has shown up to 24.7% biodegradation within 160 days in optimized conditions. Actual rate of biodegradation will vary dependent upon environmental conditions and the biological activity of microorganisms surrounding the plastic.

Unlike many “green” plastics on the market, our products are fully recyclable and won’t contaminate the recycling process.