Our Company

H3 Sustainability Makes Plastics Environmentally Responsible. We produce durable cost competitive plastic products that naturally biodegrade under landfill conditions. While we feature plastic bags and bottles H3 provides commercial, industrial and retail customers with other plastic products including shrink wrap, cups, cutlery and more. In addition our plastic products are FDA recognized as “food grade” and safe for food consumption.

At H3 Sustainability our name is our mission. Today most corporations and organizations have defined Sustainability Missions. It is our focus and mission to help our customers meet and exceed their mission objectives. To accomplish this H3, operating under the motto “Do No Harm”, is committed to making plastics, one of the most useful but environmentally damaging materials, earth friendly.

Our products have been rigorously tested by ASTM and earned their, and other, critical validations. H3 can prove its product claims of biodegradability and will provide all third-party test results upon request. While competitors make claims H3 makes promises.  

With H3 Sustainability “It’s in the Bag”! This phrase means “it’s secured” or “assured”. With H3 it means our biodegradability claims are assured and our customers are secure in that knowledge. Our additive, our pledge and our reputation to reduce the planet‘s plastic waste and improve corporate images is in every product we sell.

How do we Make Plastics Environmentally Responsible? Where, a conventional plastic bag or bottle will languish in the earth for perhaps 1,000 years or longer, H3 plastic bags and bottles will naturally biodegrade in landfills, going safely “back to earth.” Recovered by nature our bags and bottles then once again become life affirming humus vs. life choking contaminate.

H3 sustainability, Inc. is incorporated in the state of Florida with offices in Naples, FL and Chicago. IL. Both its biodegradable additive and the majority of its fine plastic products are proudly made in the USA.

Looking for a specific plastic product? Our manufacturing capabilities are virtually unlimited.