H3 Bio-Additive

H3 produces plastic products with a proprietary ASTM  5526 & 5511 validated additive. This additive, when blended with virgin or recycled plastic resins, makes plastics an attractive food source for hungry microbes and other organisms that naturally occur in landfills. Our cutting-edge bio-additive produces products that naturally biodegrade at prices competitive to conventional plastic products. Administered in a 1% load rate to plastic resin, our proprietary additive is applied via a simple drop-in technology during the manufacturing process and poses no harm to production machinery (presses, extruders, blow molders, etc.). It’s easily added into the manufacturing process just as colorants.  Our finished products maintain the same strength and durability as conventional plastics until they are discarded in landfills, attracting hungry microbes that feed on them.  In addition to their structural integrity, products made with H3 additive are 100% recyclable and, in that process, may be mixed in with conventional plastics or other recycled plastics.

Benefits of products made with the H3 additive:

  • Are Biodegradable while remaining 100% recyclable with conventional plastics
  • Are FDA recognized as safe for food products
  • Are as durable as conventional plastic products
  • Withstand exposure to the elements until disposed of in a landfill
  • Biodegrade in a landfill when exposure to air and sunlight is eliminated
  • Do not fragment, leaving behind hazardous pieces of plastic that can harm wildlife

Did you know our plastic products are also recyclable and safe for food contact?