H3 Makes Plastics Environmentally Responsible


H3 Sustainability

With H3 it’s in the bag! Our additive, our reputation and our pledge to tackle the world’s plastic problem while improving your corporate image are in every plastic bag, bottle and other product we produce.

Our Objective & Mission

To reduce the planet’s plastic waste, while enhancing your company’s sustainability mission and its corporate reputation for environmental stewardship, through the use of eco-friendly biodegradable plastic products.

Simply Put

H3 Sustainability can economically replace your conventional plastic bags that threaten to contaminate the earth for thousands of years with plastic bags that can safely and naturally biodegrade in landfills within within a small fraction of that time.*

While recycling and reuse have put a dent in the amount of plastic waste, the facts are the majority of plastic waste ends up in landfills (or dumps) where it takes between 500 to 1,000 years or longer to degrade. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, in 2011 the US generated 32 million tons of plastic waste and less than 3 tons of that plastic waste was recovered by recycling. However, this number takes into account all types of plastic waste. For instance, the ubiquitous “t-shirt bag” that fills kitchen drawers and lines trash cans in homes across the nation isn’t that easy to recycle.  Most recycling service providers do not accept curbside pickup of plastic bags according to Rethink Recycling.  And, while most major stores and shopping malls that provide plastic bags also allow you to drop your used bags off for recycling, they must be dry clean, dry, free of any food residue, and drawstrings removed if necessary. Of course the reality is anything that makes the recycling process more difficult is going to dissuade participation.

Knowing these facts it’s no wonder the motivation to simply “do away “with plastic is on the rise, both in the US and internationally. While this cause is a noble one, it is also impractical.  Plastics are literally everywhere.  Each day the average person uses countless products made solely or partially from plastic. The reason plastic is so prevalent is it’s inexpensive, durable and versatile.  Even if it was possible to cease plastic bag and bottle production, we’d just be trading one problem for another.

Instead, the H3 solution is to make this incredible material environmentally responsible whether it’s disposed of in landfills or recycled. Where to achieve sustainability conventional plastic bags and bottles can only be recycled, H3 bags and bottles can be recycled or safely simply discarded into landfills.

When exposed to the elements in landfills H3 plastics attract naturally occurring microbes and other microorganisms that hungrily feed on them due to the revolutionary organic-based additive with which they are manufactured. As they are eaten and ingested by these microorganisms H3 plastics then quickly re-enter the cycle of life as healthy compost, or earth. This natural process can fully occur within 5 years or less* whereas conventional plastics can languish in landfills for thousands of years.

* Based on results from independent testing conducted on multiple polymers treated with ENSO products.

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